Cat Trees – A great way to Keep your Cat From Destroying Your Furniture

WHISKAS CAT FOOD ADULT 1+ TUNA FLAVOUR 3KG - PetsmallThe constant clawing on the hardwood floor, the jumping on furniture, the destroying of shoes and clothes. If this is what your cat is prone to doing everyday in your home, then it sounds like she is in need of something where she can just let loose and get rid of her energy cat food. And, one something that you can turn to are lovely cat trees, it is the perfect option for letting her just have a good time.

Why are cat trees so perfect for letting your cat let loose, well, it is because of their wonderful design. This design will generally feature a single cylinder that has limbs sticking out of it and even criss-crossing one another. It will generally be made out of some type of wood that is then covered in a fabric that is plush, but also very durable. One fabric that is commonly used is carpeting, because it has both of those qualities. So, it will stand up to your cat playing on it and clawing at it.

Along with cat trees, there are also a lot of other cat furniture items available for your cat. Like, maybe your cat doesn’t need a place to play, but instead needs a spot where it can just relax and unwind. Then, a great piece of furniture for your cat would be a nice cat house or kitty condo. Just like with the cat trees, they are made out of wood covered in carpeting or other plush fabric, but instead of featuring different juxtaposing limbs, it is just one single cylinder shaped unit that sits on your floor. It can be one to three, even four levels high and will feature different enclosed sleeping areas where your cat can crawl into and curl up for a nice nap. Some other cat furniture options include scratching posts, window perches, and even cat steps that are perfect if you have an older cat who needs help getting up and down things.

One of the easiest ways to check out all the cat trees and furniture that you could get for your cat is by jumping online and doing some shopping. You can browse through the different stores and sites in no time at all and when you do come across something you like, it generally is at the lowest prices possible. Getting your regular old cat supplies online is also a great option too. Like, cat food, litter, even toys and medication can be found online. So, instead of taking time out of your day to go to the local pet store, you can just order what you need online and have it shipped right to your home. Now, things do not get any more convenient than that. Even though felines tend to be very healthy for the duration of their lives, they do have some common cat ailments. For the most part, a healthy diet and careful grooming will alleviate and even prevent many common cat ailments. If your cat changes its behavior or schedule of activities, a checkup with a veterinarian is highly recommended. While the turnout may be one or more common cat ailments, it never hurts to be on the safe side.

Sometimes it seems like cats and hair balls go hand in hand. Even a short haired cat will occasionally develop a few. If you have a medium to long haired cat, brushing and combing is essential to preventing this and other common cat ailments. Aside from helping your cat look like a show piece, brushing will help remove dead hair that your cat would swallow in the course of washing.

In order to prevent hair balls, you may also want to add a teaspoon of fish oil to cat food once a week. This will help any hair that the cat ingests pass through the digestive system. You may also want to try feeding your cat a teaspoon of bran or canned pumpkin each day. If your cat is feral, it may chew on grass or other plants to help manage this and other common cat ailments.

Fleas can wreak absolute havoc in your cats life. Not only are they itchy, they can spread diseases. Some cats develop physical allergies to fleas, while others will experience emotional and mental distress. Similar to hair balls, routine grooming will help keep fleas to a minimum. Flea collars are also readily available to treat this and some other related common cat ailments. There are also environmentally friendly fur rubs that will deter fleas and give your cat a pleasant odor at the same time. If your cat is highly intolerant of fleas, you may also want to ask your veterinarian about flea inoculations.

If you notice your cat scratching inside his/her ears, some other common cat ailments may be present. Similar to fleas, ear mites and wax buildup can be very annoying and disturbing to your cat. They also rank well near the top when it comes to easily treated common cat ailments. Chances are your cat’s veterinarian will notice ear mites and wax during annual checkups. The medication for both conditions is fairly easy to administer, and will provide a great deal of relief to your cat. It is important to treat ear mites early, as they can do a great deal of damage to your cat’s hearing and long term health.

Finally, few people realize emotional and mental distress are common cat ailments. As an example, if you move out of one home and into another, a grown cat may find it difficult to adapt. There are many stories of transplant cats taking to their paws and returning to their old home, even if it is thousands of miles away. When you own a cat, it is important to realize that they have very stringent rules about their physical territory. They will guard their “property” much as a human owner might. While we cannot see the cat version of fences created by stool and urine markings, cats most certainly recognize the territories of others of their species.

As with humans, cats can suffer from a wide array of ailments that start off with very subtle symptoms. Aside from yearly check ups, it is very important to take your cat to the veterinarian if you notice changes in what time the cat eats, or engages in other occupations. That said, for the most part, if you adopt a kitten or full grown cat, you can look forward to at least one decade of living with a happy, healthy companion. That said, common cat ailments should not be overlooked or ignored.

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