I Want My Girl Friend Back – How Can I Get My Girl Friend Back Fast?

To get your girlfriend back after a break up can be very tricky, but it is possible. One of the the most effective ways is to make her a little jealous. I got this tip from a friend who have used it with huge success. Here is the story. You might learn something from it.

What I did, when this happened to me, was, that I had to figure out a way to get the attention call girls in karachi of my ex girl friend, and I needed some good advice.

Calling a former girl friend for advice

I decided to call another old girl friend I used to date several years ago. I have never told my ex that I used to have an affair with this woman. She and I are still very good friends and talk over the phone several times a month about how our lives develop…nothing serious though. She is just a good old friend. I told her about our break up and that I really want my girl friend back again.

She paused for a moment and then said. “I remember how tough it was for me after you and I broke up many years ago. When I heard from friends that you have found another darling, I was really jealous.”

A good advice

She continued. “I have a suggestion. Why don’t you and I go out together? We can have dinner at a place where we know that she and her friends are frequenting. We have to act like we are in love. When we are seen together the jungle drum will soon tell your ex that you are seeing someone else.”

Remember most people are motivated by two things: To avoid pain and enjoy pleasure. I definitely think that it will be a lot of pain for your ex the imagine you dating, kissing and making love to another woman.

It sounded like a very good idea so a couple of days later we where sitting at this popular restaurant down town. We ordered our dinner and we had wine and candles on the table. We talked about old times and I took her hand several times.. We lifted our wine glasses and looked each other deeply in the eyes drank to one another. In the meantime, we where engaged in very lively conversations. We had a very good time and must have looked like a pair, deeply in love and engaged in each other.

After that evening we also went to a basket event (my ex is deeply into playing basketball) And sure enough I saw her sitting together with another girl in an opposite section. I avoided looking in her direction but I was sure that she must have seen us because she and her friend left after a while in the middle of the game.

The surprising result

To make a long story short it was not many days after, that my ex called me and asked how I felt now a days. I said of course, I miss you a little, but I try to go on with my life. I asked her the same and she confessed that she missed me a lot and wondered if we could start all over again. I forced my self to sound a little hesitant at first, just to keep her on her toes, but then I said OK let’s give it a try.

That was several months ago and now is our relation better that ever before. We are even talking about marriage. My thoughts very often go back to my old girl friend thinking how nice of her to respond to my question: I want my girl friend back, what shall I do? I will always thank her for her clever advice. An advice, acted upon, might help healing your broken relation too.

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