Monster Lobsters – How To Find Them?

Always start with the safety first school of thought and plan your dive out ahead of time. Then stick to your plan. Monster lobster have a plan of staying safe and so should you. Check your gear and the local dive shops for diving conditions.

Occasionally, you can dive across a monster lobster in a good visibility situation, but more often you will bag these monsters in very low visibility. Check areas with deep crevices and ledges to hide in. Usually about 10 to 30 feet, but this 10 to 30 feet is in low to zero visibility with high surge and currents.

I have found monster lobsters under ledges with sleeping nurse sharks. The biggest one I came across was at 0 to 5 feet vision, with medium surge, in a depth of 25 feet, and an off shore swim of about 175 yards. The tools required are your hands, a bag, a tickler stick, and an extra set of hands.

When you come across a lobster hiding in a hole, if you can’t get your hand in, enter the tickle stick under his tail and tickle him out. He will start moving forward and then once you get him, hang on. They tend to get angry and beat you with their tails. Be gentle but firm as to not break off the legs, these are the sweet meat.

Lobsters live in rocky areas and artificial reefs where there is an ample food supply and an easy route to deeper water for upcoming storms. They choose low visibility areas to avoid sight predators and prefer deep holes and deeper ledges.   eula cant resist monster meat

The Spiny Lobster varies from the Maine Lobster and is quite different. They seem more rugged, quicker, and more intelligent. Maybe it is due to the water temperature that keeps them hopping. The biggest similarity is they both taste good.

Diving the ares where the monster Spiny Lobster live is not for the beginning diver. It generally involves a shore dive with limited to zero visibility, light to heavy surge, and rocky, natural ledges and outcroppings.

If you don’t mind the sharks at Sebastian Inlet, heavy surge and strong currents, the most famous site is Monster Hole. Many divers have bagged the big ones here. Wabasso Beach in Vero Beach will bring a few less sharks and a lot less current. If you take some time here you can bring home a monster.

Spiny monster lobsters live throughout the Florida coast and the Caribbean. There is a limited season to dive for these beauties. From April 1 to August 5, except for Sport Season which is the last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday in July each year. Sport Season is special because you get to bag more than the usual daily limit of six per person per day, but may vary from year to year.



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