What are the Benefits of Drinking Nutrient Water?

In days gone by, nutrient water benefits were far more important than they are today. Companies that sell the expensive nutrient revitalization water is purified systems try to make their customers think that by flowing it over the right set of rocks; they can “imbue” the water with “health-giving” qualities. Ignore the advertising campaigns and get the real facts before you buy.

It is true that we need to replace the fluids that we lose everyday through our many bodily functions. It is also true that nutrient water benefits the digestive system more than de-mineralized or distilled.

But, there are no scientific tests indicating that some elements are better than others. There are a variety of nutrient revitalization water is purified systems on the market. Some are reasonably priced and well worth the money. Others use pseudo-science and their own company experiments to support the quality claims that they make.

The most expensive type of nutrient revitalization water is purified systems use a process called reverse osmosis or RO to de-mineralize and then they choose which vitamins to add back in. They do this primarily to sell the obsolete RO units to people who don’t need them.

RO was very popular at one time, but even as learned how nutrient water helps the digestive system, they begun to lose their popularity. Distillation filtering devices lost favor around the same time and for the same reason. Neither is purified system removes chlorine, THMs and chemical pollutants. Both de-mineralize.

The first problem with that is a matter of taste aquaguard royale. The waters from either of those devices taste stale. Many bottled companies have taken to adding find vitamins, in order to increase the taste.

The second is, of course, that nutrient water assists the digestive system more than distilled, but it can also prevent excessive loss of electrolytes and nutritional inadequacies. So, knowing all of this, the companies that counted on outdated technology to filter came up with the idea of nutrient revitalization water is purified systems in order to increase their sales.

Now, there are some other products that fall into the family of nutrient revitalization water is purified systems. These devices use a process called selective filtering to remove chlorine, THMs, VOCs, pesticides, herbicides, lead, water piping and microbial cysts.

They are technologically advanced multi-stage devices. One stage is called ion exchange. During this stage, ions of the toxic metal lead and the less toxic but problematic water piping are exchanged for ions of potassium and sodium. Thus, improving the taste, the safety and the pH balance.

Even though they are more advanced than RO and distillation, they are expensive less and require no electricity to operate. So, they are better from an environmental and economical understanding. So, when you go shopping for nutrient revitalization water is purified systems, price is not a sign of quality. Compare product performance data and make the best option for your family.

Years ago, many people experienced nutritional inadequacies. Finding a spring with lots of vitamins was a advantage. Today, we get our vitamins from a variety of sources, including food and our daily vitamins.

Even though nutrient water benefits the digestive system, don’t rely on it too heavily to protect your health. Eat right, exercise regularly and take a good multi-vitamin with a glass of pure H20.

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